Berlin !

          Hello people of the world !

Berlin is a beautiful city isn't it ?                 {#}                                        I'm sure now because after a very long trip in car '22 hours !),  I recovered my penpal Corinna and met her family (who is adorable !) :       The father is taxi driver and the trainer of the football team of his son.   The mother works in a company which try to recognize the identities casualties of the World War 2.                                                              Markus has 11 years old, he practises football with his father, in fact he loves all sports !                                                                           Despite communication problems, we had lot of fun !{#}

During one week, every evening we done something special :                                

 -The first one, with Jeane, Ines and our penpals, we celebrated the declaration of faith of Ines' penpal.

 -The second one, I went to a restaurant with my host family.         

 -The third one, everybody went to the bowling (nice moment !)

 -The forth one, with some people french and german, we ate an ice-cream before to go to the park !

 -The fifth one, we went to the event place (the first time of my entier life !!!){#}

-The last one, it was the big "goodbye" party ....

 We visited lot of things but I prefer castles which were all beautiul, East Side Gallery and Reichtag cupola ! All of these monuments had a long story more or less touching.                  {#}                                    For all reminders and others present, we had time in bonus with lunch time... So cool !

It was amazing and very interesting so thank you to every teachers and to my host family !!  {#}


Blog de elodieestherdnl :Esther and Elodie's Blog, Berlin !

dimanche 19 mai 2013 22:53

Work experience

Blog de elodieestherdnl :Esther and Elodie's Blog, Work experience

         Hi everybody ! {#}

One month ago, I've done my work experience.My parents have a friend who is dentist.                                                                                 We talked together about that so he accepted to show me is job.              I was extremely happy ! And I had lot of questions to ask:               What was this job ? How work in team or on my own ?{#}

I worked 7 or 8 hours per day. The first day, I worked on my own and the other in team. I observed operations where the dentist and assistants explicated when I didn't understand.I've made a new operation table. All the team was happy and I was very proud !{#}

The diversity of the cases is very important : 15 operation per day (which are very very long) but it is interesting and amusing so I was not boring !!!!{#}

I would like to thanks my tutor and tehe team one more time for their welcoming in this dentist surgery because now I've got an idea for my futur job ! {#}



dimanche 19 mai 2013 22:02

Berlin , “ die crazy Stadt "

Guten Tag !!! {#}

I think you wonder why I am speaking German , right {#}? That' s because I went to Germany during a week . No... to be accurate , WE went to Berlin . All the europeen section went on this trip and the only thing that I want to say is SUPER !!! It was really super ! {#}

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, Berlin , “ die crazy Stadt "

After twenty looooong hours of bus , we finally arrived in our penpals' families ( Ouf ! ). And then .... Shopping !!!!! I ' m joking of course {#}. I just rested a little bit and emptied my luggage out . But that didn' t mean that we didn' t have loads of free time ( to go shopping {#})

During the weekend , I visited the town centre with my penpal Nilufar , one of her friend Katherina and Justine ( who is also my friend ) . We ate ice creams, dank cocktails and , what I liked the most , she took me to a haunted house {#}( yahahahahaha ^~^ ). We had a lunch in the biggest chinese restaurant as well .

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, Berlin , “ die crazy Stadt "

From Monday to Friday , we were only with the class and the teachers to visit Berlin because our penfriends were at school . We didn't go to any museums but we discovered lots of catles and famous monuments . People were sometimes happy and sometimes sadder because of the subject ... You know , you couldn' t laugh when the guide was talking about concentration camps or death camps {#}. Everyone respected that .

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, Berlin , “ die crazy Stadt "

But let' s talk about more joyful things ! We' ve had a bowling party and it was the first time that I play this sport ! It was harder than on the WII {#}.... God ! I'd never thought it was so complicated ! Penpals also organized another party in their school but this time we had to ... to ... dance ! Oh no , mercy {#}! I don't like dancing , in fact I don't know how to dance ... Jumping like a rabbit on the dance floor ? No , thanks .{#}

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, Berlin , “ die crazy Stadt "

Then , after these extraordinary days in Germany , we had to leave ... To leave this “ crazy " town , to leave our penfriends , to leave their family , to return in France ... ( to have twenty hours of bus again ).

I loved this trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{#}

Auf Wiedersehen ,


dimanche 19 mai 2013 11:12

My ( super ) work experience

Hi everyone !!!

This article will talk about my work experience with Thierry Tomine in “ Cadet de Bretagne " which is a sport center in Rennes .{#}Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

When he was young , Thierry and his brother had a toy shop ( Jouet Club ) and a sailboard shop . But he decided to stop this job after a little misadventure ... It was very radical : he said to his brother « I am fed up of that , I stop everything ! » ... and he left .{#}

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

Then he became a fencing master . Now , he is OUR fencing master ( yes , because I do fencing ) and I wanted to know his daily life during 3 days . That's why I chose him .

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

I wasn 't disappointed . I discovered things that I didn't expect him to do : he has lots of administrative papers to complete , lots of foils , swords to repair , lots of competitions to prepare ( hotels and transports to reserve ) , equipment to buy , lots of rude children to bear {#}and the last thing that I could imagine : sometimes he has to take the fencers , who are in boarding school , to the hospital because their parents can't do it quickly , before an important competition .{#}

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

I have never thought it was so hard to be a fencing master . Thierry told me that is not very well payed , so to have a decent wage , he has to give lessons to pupils , at school or directly in the fencing hall .

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

But apart from all these things , he loves his job {#}. He said that what he enjoys the most is to see the young fencers ( he noticed their potential ) grow up and gain experience , see them go to competition and maybe win ! It is very satisfying for him . He also likes the contact .

Blog de elodieestherdnl : Esther and Elodie's Blog, My ( super ) work experience

During my work experience , I've discovered another part of this job , I saw the submerged part of the iceberg . I saw ... the reality . Despite his passion for fencing , he has to work very hard and sometimes to put his family life a bit apart . However he is happy and as I said he loves his job .


dimanche 10 mars 2013 17:46

Chinese New Year

你好 !!!! It means hello in chinese{#} .

Today I would like to talk about Chinese New Year . For us , it falls on the 10th of Febrary . Stange {#}? you'll say maybe . Well ... not really , in China , people use the Lunar Calendar , which is different , so this date on their traditional calender is like a first January .{#}

In fact , they don't celebrate the new year on the 10th but on the 9th {#}( new year's eve ) principally , and the days after . This celebration is very impotant : to share a meal with all the family , with traditional foods . Each dish is a symbol : health , money , rice with 8 “treasures" ( ingredients ) because eight is a lucky number , ... I think food is the most important thing in chinese celebrations .{#}

They also make wonderful fireworks or they let off noisy firecrackers to chase bad spirits .

Before , China was very poor {#}, so the youngest child in a family got the clothes of the eldest one . They only could have new clothes for the new year . Now , even if China is more rich , people have kept this tradition and parents offer their children new clothes .{#} And give them money , money , money ...

Of course , there are lots of other things I didn't talk about like TV programs during new year ( very amasing ) but I hope you have learned a little bit more about Chinese New Year .

Bye !!! And happy new year !!!!!!!!!!

                                                                   Elodie {#}

samedi 09 février 2013 17:23


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